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Tooth Extraction at Monarch Dental

At Monarch Dental, our experienced dentists are committed to providing you with a gentle, holistic patient experience. If you have a painful or damaged tooth, we will provide advice on whether a tooth extraction is best for your situation. Our team of dentists and oral surgeons work together to provide comprehensive dental extractions and wisdom tooth removal at an affordable price.
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When Does a Tooth Need to be Extracted?

Simply put, we recommend dental extractions when teeth are non-restorable, affecting the overall wellness of your smile or causing severe pain. During your dental exam, we will take an X-ray of the tooth to assess the extent of damage and provide the best care recommendations. Some of the most common reasons why a tooth may need to be removed include:

Wisdom Teeth

Impacted or partially erupted wisdom teeth are highly prone to pain and infection or may damage the adjacent tooth and impact your teeth alignment by overcrowding. Proactive wisdom tooth removal can benefit your entire smile and reduce your chances of subsequent dental infections. Wisdom tooth extractions can be performed with sedation for added comfort during your procedure. At Monarch Dental oral surgeons eliminate the need for an additional referral to an outside specialist.

Damaged Teeth

Non-restorable teeth are typically extracted because they cannot be repaired by other means. When cracks or decay extend deep into the tooth, or there is not enough residual tooth structure to repair, total tooth removal and replacement is recommended.

Crowded Gumline

Orthodontic specialists may recommend removing teeth as part of your treatment when there is severe crowding. This allows braces or orthodontic aligners to work more effectively and creates space for better overall smile alignment. From there, our orthodontists adjust the position of your neighboring teeth so that they fit together appropriately.

Tooth Decay

Advanced areas of tooth decay may leave little tooth structure behind. If the tooth is too damaged to support a filling or crown, it’s best to remove it entirely. We routinely screen for cavities to offer early, minimally-invasive treatments as a means to reduce the need for tooth removal.

Abscessed or Infected Tooth

Painful dental abscesses are usually treated with a root canal (endodontic therapy); however, an emergency extraction may be suggested to provide rapid pain relief.

Gum Disease

Late-stage periodontal disease can cause pain, chronic oral infections, and difficulty eating. Severely infected teeth may need to be removed to prevent additional bone loss in adjacent teeth.

What are the Benefits of a Tooth Extraction?

In most cases, our dentists want to do whatever is possible to preserve and restore your natural teeth. However, there are always instances where it may be best to remove a tooth entirely. Especially if it is an impacted tooth pressing against other healthy teeth, there is a cyst around it, the tooth is non-restorable, or you’re in pain. If you have a severe tooth infection such as advanced periodontitis or extensive tooth decay, extracting the tooth limits the spread of infection into neighboring teeth.

The good news is that after a dental extraction, there are numerous tooth replacement options available to restore your smile. Monarch Dental offers custom bridges, implants, dentures, and more! We will review your replacement options as part of your treatment plan prior to scheduling your extraction appointment.

Why Choose Monarch Dental for a Tooth Extraction?

At Monarch Dental, we provide affordable dental extractions paired with in-house sedation options and access to surgical specialists. Our holistic approach to smile care ensures the best patient experience, whether you’re 5 or 85. Our experienced dentists will evaluate your oral health to help you plan the best course of care for your smile, whether it’s tooth removal, endodontic therapy, or emergency pain relief.

What is the Monarch Dental Process for Tooth Extractions?

For simple, straightforward dental extractions, we use local anesthetic (numbing medication) to desensitize your tooth and the area around it. There may be some pressure but you should not feel any pain or discomfort. We will provide you with detailed instructions for your post-extraction care to ensure a timely recovery.

If you require a surgical extraction—such as wisdom tooth removal—dental sedation is also available. Because the sedative can make you feel sleepy for up to a few hours, it’s important to bring someone with you to drive you home afterward.

Home Care Instructions

Good oral health care after your tooth extraction is important for proper healing. Follow your post-operative instructions closely. Here are some important tips:

  • For the first few days, eat foods that are soft
  • Avoid hard or crunchy foods until the extraction site heals
  • Take all medication as directed
  • Brush and floss regularly, but avoid irritating the extraction site while it heals
  • Avoid tobacco and alcohol products
  • Rinse with warm salt water to clean the extraction site and reduce swelling
  • Contact us immediately if you experience signs of infection or prolonged bleeding

Should I Replace an Extracted Tooth?

Having a tooth extracted creates extra space in your smile. Even if the gap is not visible, it can increase the chances of other teeth drifting out of alignment and wearing down abnormally. Additional complications can include bone loss, TMJ issues, or chipped enamel. Other than extracted wisdom teeth, most teeth should be replaced at your earliest opportunity. Placing a fixed bridge or dental implant, for example, will help reinforce proper tooth spacing as well as normal biting and chewing functions.

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

The price of a dental extraction will vary depending on the type of tooth extraction, whether surgery is involved, and if you choose to have the procedure completed with sedation. Tooth removal is typically one of the most economical solutions for fast, affordable pain relief. Procedures such as wisdom tooth extraction tend to cost more than a simple tooth extraction, so we will provide you with detailed pricing and an insurance estimate prior to scheduling your procedure.

Insurances Accepted

To minimize your tooth extraction cost, we accept most HMO and PPO insurances and file all claims on your behalf. Use our convenient zip code locator tool to see a list of the major dental insurance plans we accept. Monarch Dental treatment coordinators will review a detailed cost estimate prior to your oral surgery so you know what to expect.

Monarch Dental Flexible Payment Plans

Affordable tooth extractions are a quick way to address tooth pain. But if you don’t have insurance, we can still help. Our OneSmile Dental Plan includes savings of up to 20-40% on most dental services. Ask about our budget-friendly payment plans during your consultation.

Putting Your Comfort First

At Monarch Dental, our gentle dentists and experienced oral surgeons put patient comfort at the forefront of everything we do. With various treatment options, we strive to make every dental treatment experience as relaxing and stress-free as possible. Contact us today to book a dental extraction consultation.
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