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Dentists in Duncanville, TX

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Actual Patient Reviews
Dennard M. on Google
1 week ago
Brittany the lead assistant was awesome and was very helpful with the info given to me and The dentist Dr. Shaded was very good and advised on what she was doing during my procedure. I will recommend Monarch to my friends and family!!! Thanks again
Brenda M. on Google
1 week ago
Nice place always clean
L S. on Google
2 weeks ago
Top notch every single visit! The staff and service deserve 10-stars. I'm more educated about my dental health than I ever have been. I receive compassion and friendliness from the time I walk in until I check out and leave. This is the best place for dental services, hands down.
Lyn J. on Google
4 weeks ago
Update April 2024 Dr. Shahdad and her assistant Nyla worked together well while finishing a procedure on my tooth. Dr. Shahdad was very reassuring and gentle just before giving me the shot, and it didn't even hurt to my surprise! When my jaw became slightly uncomfortable due to having it open for some time, Nyla automatically started massaging my jaw to help ease it, and it worked. Nyla and Dr. Shahdad are compassionate people who I can tell love what they do! ---------------------------------- REVIEW: FEB. 2024 Dr. Abidoye and her team were awesome! I felt completely at ease with the competency of her and her staff. Dr. Abidoye has what I call, gentle hands while she administered the shots in my mouth. I was always asked if I was doing ok, and I felt like she really paid attention to any discomfort that I displayed. At one point while getting my crowns applied, I felt bad because it was taking me a while to feel the comfort of the crown adjustments, and Dr. Abidoye was so patient and reassuring, that my anxiety went away. My crowns are beautifully matched, thanks to her super sweet hygienist (I don't remember her name). Overall, I had a great experience, and wouldn't hesitate to give referrals. _______________________________________ Oct. 2022..... I haven't had work done yet, so I will update when I do, but my first visit left a good impression! This was my first time at this dentist office, and everyone I came in contact with was friendly and courteous, even the dentist Dr. Cartwright. The office is clean, and they still practice covid safety by patients and staff wearing masks, hand sanitizer available in areas, and they ask that the patient does a minty mouth rinse that they provide to you. I feel confident that when I get work done here soon, it should go well. I will let you know......
Francis R. on Google
4 weeks ago
I had two teeth removed and the tech was very nice and made my pain levels her first priority and concern. She talked me through the procedure which made this easier to relax.
Tamika H. on Google
1 month ago
Excellent Service! The staff were so nice and pleasant!
Natasha J. on Google
1 month ago
They were super sweet and made me feel really comfortable
Jose F. on Google
1 month ago
Went to get braces for my son yesterday and the staff and Dentist were really helpful and answered all of our questions. We were in and out in no time
Stephen C. on Google
4 months ago
This is me second time going under the new Doctors or Dentist. So far everything have been excellent. No hassles and the new Doctor explains everything that needs to be done.
sherisa w. on Google
5 months ago
Wonder staff
Jannette W. on Google
5 months ago
I didn’t know what to expect since I haven’t been in Monarch for quite sometime. My familiar staff was not there, but the new staff made me feel welcome as well. The Orthodontic told me what to avoid, what to include in my dental hygiene experience and the x-ray technician assured me that they would consider areas that are painful to press down on while photographing. Yes, I had an overall pleasant experience.
sharon w. on Google
6 months ago
The Duncanville location is always very professional & kind. Never had a problem.
Tediva W. on Google
8 months ago
Very different from ANY other dentist. Caring, professional, and puts your oral health first
rusty L. on Google
9 months ago
Very great staff. I am happy with my treatment.
Sonya P. on Google
9 months ago
The office staff was very friendly and helpful. The visit was a bit long but the staff and dentist were attentive to my needs.
Christopher “SLAUGHTERHOUSE BBQ” S. on Google
9 months ago
Staff was very knowledgeable and professional. Made me feel like I made the right choice in choosing them. And this is coming from someone who has never been to a dentist before. Highly recommended.
Karen S. on Google
11 months ago
Always excellent care for my grand children.
Gail R. on Google
1 year ago
Monarch staff knowledgeable and helpful. Dr A was on point and provided valuable oral health info. Her work was methodical and almost painless deep cleaning.
michael c. on Google
1 year ago
Wait was to long before I got called back
Marie F. on Google
1 year ago
Great employees! Always professional and caring. Have been a patient with monarch for over 20 years.
shunda a. on Google
1 year ago
Charles C. on Google
1 year ago
Great experience always!
grace l. on Google
1 year ago
Visit was positive. Experience was good.
Britt T. on Google
1 year ago
I have been in search of a dentist for a very long time! I’ve had soooo many horrifying experiences, I about gave up! Until recently, I had a very bad toothache and stumbled across this location. Let me just say with my nerves and pain being through the roof, the staff was very PATIENT with me. They were soooo nice and gentle. I was so happy and in pain at the same time, but they took very good care of me. Explained my issues and sent me on my way. I will definitely be back! I can not remember the hygienist name, but she is an absolute ANGEL! I want to say her name was Debra or Debbie…. I could be wrong. The front desk assistant Kita kept me in good spirits! Last but not least, Dr. Cartwright was gentle and broke down everything I needed to know! Awesome work guys!