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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Impacts Dental Care

How many of you start your day off by asking “Hey Siri, what’s the weather like?” Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), millions of people can ask their phones these types of questions. It’s safe to say, we live in a world surrounded by AI. Given the widespread use of AI in our daily lives, you…

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Clean It Like You Mean It: Deep Cleaning

Things on the blog are about to get deep. Yes… we’re talking about scaling and root planing, also known as periodontal deep cleanings. Gums are responsible for protecting the tissue and bone that support the teeth. When this tissue pulls away from the teeth, little pockets form where bacteria, plaque, and tartar may build up…

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San Antonio Dentist Has 5 Maintenance Tips after Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleanings are essential for a healthy mouth, mind, and body. However, maintaining oral hygiene extends to more than just professional cleaning. You need to brush and floss regularly using the right techniques, avoid foods that are harmful to your teeth and gums, use mouthwash, and eat healthily. Tooth decay is painful and leads to…

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Know the Signs and Stages of Gum Disease

As one of the most prevalent dental issues in America, gum disease can be a sneaky dental health issue to watch out for at your next teeth cleaning. Gum disease develops in stages, and paying specific attention to gum disease systems can help you catch it early. Read along for what gum disease symptoms you…

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