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Is Your Bad Breath Trying To Tell You Something?

Whether professionally, personally or selfishly, bad breath isn’t a good look. For most of us, the stench usually stems from bacteria growing on our tongues, gums and in between teeth due to particles of food left behind. Not a lovely picture, we know. Of course, there are other factors that can cause a stinky mouth,…

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Preventing a Toothache: Best Tips for Teeth Cleaning

Sometimes there’s nothing more debilitating than having a toothache, or toothache pain. While there are many causes for a toothache, only your Monarch dentist can provide an expert diagnosis on what may be the reason for your pain. Our emergency dentist knows just how unbearable suffering from a toothache can be, so we’ve put together…

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You Won’t be Smiling at Missed Opportunities

Feeling the holiday cheer? As December approaches, there are plenty of things to smile about. The lights are strung, the parties are planned, and the family will soon all be together. But one thing is still on your mind – you never got around to that dental checkup. Monarch Dental wants to make sure everyone…

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5 Natural Teeth Whiteners for ‘Natural’ Holiday Photos

Most photos you see in magazines and tabloids are retouched. Not all celebrities have the bright white smiles that you see in the media. We know that you may not have a professional photo stylist or editor to fix your stained teeth this holiday photo season. That’s why we’ve brought you six natural home remedies…

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Use It, Don’t Lose It.

Unlike a dog, dental benefits do not roll over. That’s because most dental insurance plans are on a calendar year. So, at midnight December 31, any benefits left on the table will disappear like Cinderella at the ball. Unless you actually like throwing money away, it’s time to call your dentist (or find one fast),…

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What Should I Know About Fluoride?

When you send your child to the dentist, they may receive a fluoride treatment. Or your dentist may recommend a fluoride toothpaste or rinse. But why, when the water we drink also contains fluoride? In fact, fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in water and also in many foods. It is also found in…

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Get Kids Excited For Brushing And Flossing

There are certainly easier things do to than getting kids excited about brushing and flossing. Quantum physics for example. But it’s not as impossible as it sounds. The trick is to find the right balance between fun and function. They have to brush and floss, but helping them have a little fun along the way…

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Your Toothbrush’s Lifespan

Replace toothbrushes at least every 3-4 months. And if you’ve only had your toothbrush for 1 month, and you have a cold or sinus infection, throw it away. There is no reason to re-infect yourself from using this toothbrush. Throwing your toothbrush out after 3 months seems like a short time, but think of the…

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A New Smile For The New Year

Yellow is a lovely color for bananas, but for teeth, not so much. Are you the one who always looks like the grim reaper in the family photo album? Want a whiter smile? See a dentist about professional teeth whitening. It’s a lot easier than learning Photoshop. Once you have a shiny smile, try these…

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