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7 Fun Easter Egg Party Ideas for Kids

Monday - April 10th, 2017
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With Easter just around the corner, we are sure you have your Easter Sunday plans set for your excited little ones.

Just in case you don’t, here are a basket-load of activities that will bring big smiles. Whether you are partial to Easter egg hunts or you have craft-loving kids, this eggcelent list will satisfy everyone’s fun cravings.

1. Host a Bunny Race by giving each kid a pillowcase or potato sack. Have them don bunny ears and see who hops to the finish line first!

2. Place chocolate eggs in a mason jar and have each child guess how many eggs there are! The person with the closest guess can win a designated number of chocolates.

3. For the science lover, show the magic of air pressure by placing a match inside a glass jar and letting a hard-boiled egg be sucked into the jar’s small opening. Or you can hide the science and call it a magic trick!

4. Go the classic route and stage a scavenger hunt through the yard or your local park. For an added bonus, hide clues inside of some eggs to point them to larger treasure!

5. Bingo! Ditch the Easter eggs and use your Easter chocolates to fill out your Bingo board.

6. If you are feeling adventurous, try an egg toss. Just be sure to wear washable clothes!

7. Recycle those egg cartons and host a different kind of scavenger hunt. Pick flowers, leaves or other items from your garden and place them in each slot of the carton. Have the kids search around the yard to identify each piece of foliage!

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