Use it or lose it.

No, not that. We’re talking about your dental benefits.

Unlike a dog, dental benefits do not roll over. That’s because most dental insurance plans are on a calendar year.

So, at midnight December 31, any benefits left on the table will disappear like Cinderella at the ball.

Unless you actually like throwing money away, it’s time to call your dentist (or find one fast), make an appointment, and max out your annual dental benefits cap. Don’t know how much you have left on your dental benefit cap? Your dentist has people on staff to help you with that.

Want more good reasons to call your dentist? Try these:

  •  You are not the only person who puts things off til the last minute. The sooner you call, the more likely your dentist can work around your schedule. (Don’t forget…dentists take holiday vacations, too.)
  • If your plan has a deductible, that starts all over on January 1, too.
  • Dental fees could go up next year. We don’t know that they will, we’re just sayin’.
  • If you have a 2010 Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account, out-of-pocket dental expenses count toward those. KA-CHING! More money saved.
  • Some things will get better if you just let them be. Problems with your teeth and gums will not. Today’s little cavity could be next year’s root canal. Ouch!

You paid the premiums all year — make an appointment now and use your dental benefits, already!

In the Community:  Brighten Up Phoenix

We love making people smile by giving back to the communities where we work and live. Our “Brighten Up Phoenix” program has partnered with Dress for Success® to help give women the confidence they need to ace job interviews. Katherine Granillo is the first of eight Phoenix-area winners to receive a prize worth up to $2,500 in dental work. Winners also get salon makeovers compliments of Sweet Hair Studio.


KEZ 99.9 FM D.J. Marty Manning
surprises Katherine Granillo
with her Brighten Up Phoenix prize.



Toothy Truths

A snail’s mouth is about the size of a pin head, but has 25,000 teeth. There go your roses!

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