Keeping your college student smiling

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH, BA

It’s so easy to schedule a dental appointment when your kids are still living at home; you can bring them in on a weekend, afterschool, or maybe even on one of their half-days, but what do you do when they go off to college?

They probably aren’t eating the healthiest food and their social and study life is sure to bring on lots of intermittent snacking, so the last thing they need is a four year hiatus from the dentist. Here are a few ideas to consider to make sure they keep their smile bright in college.

Even if your college student is going to school out of state, they will likely be back to visit often enough to have their six month checkups and cleanings. Try scheduling their dental appointments around their school breaks when they’re back in town. 

We have over 350 affiliated offices in 18 states, so there is a good chance we can find an office where your student attends college. Whether they go to WSU or USF, chances are there is a Smile Brands office nearby.

Find out if there is a dental or oral hygienist program at the college your student attends. The appointment may take a little longer since the students are still learning, (don’t worry, it’s always supervised by a dental professional) but it’s a great way for them to work their appointments in around their schedule.

How do you handle dental appointments for your out of town family? Share your idea in the comments.

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