Do you have halitosis? What you can do to take care of it?


Halitosis is the medical term for chronic bad breath, though the severity, frequency and cause of the symptoms may vary by individual. In some cases, good oral hygiene may not be enough to prevent bad breath. Other factors like food, illness, gum disease or dry sockets could be the bad breath culprit. The following are recommended treatments and tips for taking care of your halitosis:

•    Brush, floss and rinse regularly to keep food and bacteria build-up to a minimum.
•    Practice tongue hygiene as well, using your toothbrush or a tongue scraper to remove the germs and bacteria trapped here.
•    Stay hydrated to avoid dry mouth.
•    Refrain from using tobacco products, specifically chewing tobacco.
•    Avoid foods that cause bad breath, especially onion and garlic.
•    Eat mints or chew gum between meals to both stimulate saliva production and keep a breath fresher.

If you feel like your halitosis is unmanageable or worsening, consult your dentist of physician to investigate deeper problems causing the bad breath or to explore options for medical treatment.

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