Choosing the right mouth guard

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH, BA

I’ve written before about the importance of wearing a mouth guard if you play sports – and that goes for kids and adults both! If you play a sport like basketball, hockey, soccer…basically anything with physical contact or flying objects at your face, you’ll want your mouth to be protected. But how do you pick the best mouth guard for you?

First, look for one that is comfortable in your mouth and the right size for you. Most sports shops will have a variety of sizes available. Then, make sure it’s flexible and won’t tear easily with you chomping down on it. Check to see if it’s difficult to breath or speak while wearing it.

If the sports equipment shop doesn’t have a pre-made mouth guard that works, you can try a “Boil and Bite” style where you soften it in hot water and then make a mold by biting on it. Finally, remember you can talk to your dentist – most of us are happy to make you a custom version that is perfect for your needs.

To those of you with mouth guards, let me know what brands you’ve like or if you went the custom route!

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