Bye-bye and so long 2011!

by: Sandy Johnson, RDH, BA

Bye-bye and so long 2011! It’s a brand new year and this time around, I’m putting a twist on the whole resolution thing. Instead of giving up something I really don’t want to give up (chocolate comes to mind), I’ve challenged myself to do five simple things. Nothing earth-shaking or world-changing. Just some easy little tweaks to how I approach each of the 366 days in 2012. See what you think of these:

1.    Instead of moaning about getting another year older, I’m going to celebrate it. I’m not waiting for my birthday, either. I’m going to invite friends and family to join me in a very merry un-birthdays several times this year. Give it a try.

2.    I am going to smile a lot more, at people I know and total strangers. I read somewhere that smiling has the same happy effect as eating 2,000 chocolate bars – and smiles are calorie-free. Besides, it’s fun to see someone else’s face light up when I smile at them.

3.    Whenever I find myself getting hassled and stressed, I’m going to slow down, take a big, deep breath and remind myself that very few of the things I stress over are really that important.

4.    I promise to try something new every day. Maybe it will be listening to a different radio station, wearing bright red lipstick or just parting my hair on the other side.  Changing small routines is a great way to shake things up and get out of a rut.

5.     I will find time every day to spend a few minutes daydreaming and thinking about anything but the 40 billion items on my do-to list. Letting my imagination run free doesn’t cost a penny. And who knows, maybe some of those daydreams will come true.

That’s my plan for 2012. What’s yours?

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