3 Oral Benefits of Honey
We all love honey, but how many things have you used it for? According to the National Honey Board, each American consumes about 1.3 pounds of honey each year. That’s a lot of honey!  ...
Coconut oil used to naturally whiten teeth
There are no first impression do-overs, and your smile can be an important tool for making a great one. When you smile, are you flashing those pearly whites, or does the color of your teeth make you self-conscious? ...
Hispanic family on couch
In 1968, President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed September 15th the start of Hispanic Heritage Week. Two years later, President Ronald Reagan extended the observation to a full 30 days, extending the month long celebration to October 15th.  ...
Woman and golden retriever dog
Dogs are a man’s best friend, but their breath is a different story. Don’t let those puppy dog eyes fool you, once a dog passes its sweet puppy breath stage their doggie breath can keep you from wanting to cuddle your furry friend.  ...
Hand pouring blue mouthwash
All mouthwashes may seem the same, but there are actually many different types available. Here is a quick guide to the different kinds of mouthwashes to help to choose the best one for your oral health needs:  ...
Family making 3 ingredient snack for kids
Looking for a healthy after school snack that your kids can help make? Try making this fun twist on a kids snack staple: grilled peanut butter and banana “quesadillas.” ...
Kids enjoying meal at school
Mornings can be hectic, especially when school first starts back up. If you’ve never tried overnight oatmeal, back-to-school is the perfect time to try. Overnight oatmeal is made from old-fashioned oats that are mixed with other ingredients and let to sit overnight in the fridge. ...
Two kids going back to school
Back-to-school can be a scary time for kids, especially if they are starting at a new school or have anxiety about the grade they’re going into. Don’t fret! Here are some tips to help to calm your children’s fears. ...
10 Fun Facts About the Summer Olympic That Kids Will Love
The summer Olympics are finally here! If you and your family love watching the games together, then you’ll also love these fun facts about them. ...
Smoothies are a great, quick on-the-go meal, or hunger-busting snack for between meals. However, some can be chock full of sugar. Be sure you’re using the healthy ingredients to ensure yours is truly beneficial. Try incorporating these into you next smoothie recipe: ...
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